Plenary Talks/Media


“Riotous Spinsters and the ‘Free Women’ Nuisance: Gender and Nationalism in Africa.” Department of Political Science, Baylor University, United States, forthcoming February 2020.


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“Manhood, Transcontinental Networks, and the Baha’i Faith Movement in Cameroon.” Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Studies, National University of Ireland-Galway, Republic of Ireland, May 20, 2019.

“Gender and Secessionist Movements in Africa.” Black Agenda Report segment with Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué. Interview by Glen Ford, 2019. The radio interview begins at 39:46 and ends at 55:42.


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“Afrofuturism.” East African Student Association. Baylor University, Texas, United States, April 10, 2019. 

“‘When Women Wear Slacks’: Gender, Clothing and Embodied Nationalism in Cameroon.” Women’s History Month Lecture. The State University College at Buffalo, United States, March 18, 2019.

“‘When Women Wear Slacks’: Gender and Embodied Nationalism in Cameroon.” Africa Workshop by African Studies Center and the Department of Afro-American and African Studies. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor,  United States, October 9. 2018.

“Writing from the Margins: Political Masculinities and Separatist (Auto) Biographies in Cameroon.” Writing from the Margins: Theory and Practice Research Seminar. Paris Diderot University, France, June 20, 2018.

“Religious Curiosities, Masculinities and the Baha’i Faith in Cameroon, 1950s-1970s.” Middle East Center, University of Utah, United States, April 12, 2018.

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“The ‘Free Women’ Nuisance and Riotous Spinsters in 1960s Urban Cameroon.” Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa, University of Leuven, Belgium, October 12, 2017.

“Beyond the Ring: Boxing, Gender, and the Fight for Cultural Heritage in Anglophone Cameroon, 1960s-1980s.” The African Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States, September 20, 2017.

“Beyond the Ring: Boxing, Gender, and the Fight for Cultural Heritage in Anglophone Cameroon, 1960s-1980s.” Brown Bag Colloquium, Department of History, Baylor University, United States, September 6, 2017.

“’Behave Well Women’: Gender, Honor and Nation-Building in the Federated State of West Cameroon, 1961-1972.” Works-in-Progress Workshop. Center for African Studies, University of California-Berkeley, United States, November 19, 2015.

“‘Masquerade Girlfriends’: Cosmetic Products, Morality and Gendered Nationalism in West Cameroon, 1961-1972.” Symposium on Gender, History, and Sexuality at the University of Texas, United States, December 5, 2014.

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“Fieldwork as a Diasporan: How I Increased My Bride Price and Other Insights from the Field.” SaharaTV Inspire Segment with Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué. Interview by Adeola Fayeun, December 8, 2012.

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