Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. “African Women do not Look Good in Wigs: Gender, Beauty Rituals and Cultural Identity in Anglophone Cameroon, 1961-1972.” Feminist Africa Issue 21. [Accepted and forthcoming]

Book Chapter

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. “Big Buttocks and Sultry Behavior: Perceptions of Post-Colonial African Women in British Women’s Travel Narratives.” In Women, Gender, and Sexualities in Africa, edited by Toyin Falola and Nana Akua Amponsah. Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 2013, 53-68.

Book Reviews

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. When Sex Threatened the State: Illicit Sexuality, Nationalism, and Politics in Colonial Nigeria, 1900-1958, by Saheed Aderinto. Journal of West African History Vol. 2, No. 1 (Spring 2016): 211-214.

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Encyclopedia Entries

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. “Koulsy Lamko.” Dictionary of African Biography, edited by Emmanuel K. Akyeampong and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., 466-467. New York: Oxford University Press, November 2011.

Additional Publications

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. “How I Increased My Bride Price, and Other Insights from My Dissertation Field Research.” African Studies Association News, September 2012. []



First Book

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. Gender, Separatism, and Anglophone Nationalism In Twentieth-Century West Africa. Under consideration with a university press.

Second Book in Progress

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. The Catholic Women’s Association: Gender, Political Power and Transnational Feminisms in 20th Century West Africa.

Articles under Review

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. “‘House Wives at Husbands’ Throats’: Recalcitrant Wives, Education and Honor in a West African Nation.”

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. “‘Gossiping has wrecked a lot of Homes’: Gender and Nationalism in the Federated State of West Cameroon, 1961-1972.”

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. “Intellectual Housewives, Journalism, and Anglophone Nationalism in Cameroon, 1961-1972.”

Articles in Progress  to be Submitted

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. “The Catholic Women’s Association: Gender, Political Power and Transnational Feminisms in 1960s Cameroon.” * This article originates from a chapter stemming from the second book project.

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. “Soccer, Honor, and Nationalism in Anglophone Cameroon.”

Mougoué, Jacqueline-Bethel. “Gender, Public Dignity and Anglophone Secession in  Cameroon, 1960s-1980s.”